Hybrid Query Processing Engine for Coprocessing in Database Systems
hype::core::Runtime_Configuration Class Reference

#include <configuration.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

bool setHistoryLength (unsigned int history_length) throw ()
bool setRecomputationPeriod (unsigned int length_of_recomputation_period) throw ()
bool setRetrainingLength (unsigned int retraining_length) throw ()
bool setAlgorithmMaximalIdleTime (unsigned int max_idle_time) throw ()
bool setMaximalReadyQueueLength (unsigned int max_ready_queue_length_of_processing_devices) throw ()
bool setOutlinerThreshold (double threshold) throw ()
unsigned int getTrainingLength () const throw ()
unsigned int getHistoryLength () const throw ()
unsigned int getRecomputationPeriod () const throw ()
unsigned int getRetrainingLength () const throw ()
unsigned int getAlgorithmMaximalIdleTime () const throw ()
unsigned int getRelativeErrorWindowSize () const throw ()
unsigned int getMaximalSlowdownOfNonOptimalAlgorithm () const throw ()
 returns maximal slowdown in percent
unsigned int getMaximalReadyQueueLength () const throw ()
double getOutlinerThreshold () const throw ()
bool printAlgorithmStatistics () const throw ()
bool isQueryChoppingEnabled () const throw ()
bool setQueryChoppingEnabled (bool value) throw ()
OptimizationCriterion getDefaultOptimizationCriterion () const throw ()
bool setDefaultOptimizationCriterion (unsigned int value) throw ()

Static Public Member Functions

static Runtime_Configurationinstance () throw ()

Private Member Functions

 Runtime_Configuration ()
 Runtime_Configuration (const Runtime_Configuration &)
Runtime_Configurationoperator= (const Runtime_Configuration &)

Private Attributes

unsigned int length_of_initial_training_phase_
unsigned int length_of_history_
unsigned int period_for_periodic_recomputation_
unsigned int maximal_time_where_algorithm_was_not_choosen_
unsigned int maximal_retraining_length_
unsigned int window_size_for_windowed_average_relative_estimation_error_
unsigned int maximal_slowdown_of_non_optimal_algorithm_in_percent_
unsigned int ready_queue_length_of_processing_devices_
bool print_algorithm_statistics_report_
bool enableQueryChopping_
unsigned int defaultOptimizationCriterion_

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Definition at line 24 of file configuration.hpp.

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Definition at line 206 of file runtime_configuration.cpp.

References maximal_time_where_algorithm_was_not_choosen_.

Referenced by hype::core::Throughput::getOptimalAlgorithm_internal().

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unsigned int hype::core::Runtime_Configuration::getHistoryLength ( ) const throw ()

Definition at line 194 of file runtime_configuration.cpp.

References length_of_history_.

Referenced by main(), and hype::queryprocessing::Operation_Benchmark< Type >::run().

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Definition at line 222 of file runtime_configuration.cpp.

Referenced by main(), and hype::queryprocessing::Operation_Benchmark< Type >::run().

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Definition at line 202 of file runtime_configuration.cpp.

References maximal_retraining_length_.

Referenced by hype::core::Algorithm::addMeasurementPair().

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Runtime_Configuration& hype::core::Runtime_Configuration::operator= ( const Runtime_Configuration ) [private]
bool hype::core::Runtime_Configuration::setAlgorithmMaximalIdleTime ( unsigned int  max_idle_time) throw ()

Definition at line 175 of file runtime_configuration.cpp.

Definition at line 242 of file runtime_configuration.cpp.

bool hype::core::Runtime_Configuration::setHistoryLength ( unsigned int  history_length) throw ()

Definition at line 160 of file runtime_configuration.cpp.

bool hype::core::Runtime_Configuration::setMaximalReadyQueueLength ( unsigned int  max_ready_queue_length_of_processing_devices) throw ()

Definition at line 180 of file runtime_configuration.cpp.

bool hype::core::Runtime_Configuration::setOutlinerThreshold ( double  threshold) throw ()

Definition at line 185 of file runtime_configuration.cpp.

Definition at line 234 of file runtime_configuration.cpp.

bool hype::core::Runtime_Configuration::setRecomputationPeriod ( unsigned int  length_of_recomputation_period) throw ()

Definition at line 165 of file runtime_configuration.cpp.

bool hype::core::Runtime_Configuration::setRetrainingLength ( unsigned int  retraining_length) throw ()

Definition at line 170 of file runtime_configuration.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

Definition at line 75 of file configuration.hpp.

Referenced by getHistoryLength(), and Runtime_Configuration().

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