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hype::core::AlgorithmStatistics Class Reference

This class represents an information collection of an algorithm. Hence, it is the central place where all statistical information for one algorithm is stored. More...

#include <algorithm_statistics.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 AlgorithmStatistics ()
bool writeToDisc (const std::string &operation_name, const std::string &algorithm_name) const

Public Attributes

MeasurementPairRingbuffer executionHistory_
std::vector< double > relative_errors_
unsigned int number_of_recomputations_
unsigned int number_of_decisions_for_this_algorithm_
double average_relative_error_
double total_execution_time_
unsigned int number_of_terminated_executions_of_this_algorithm_

Private Member Functions

 AlgorithmStatistics (const AlgorithmStatistics &)
AlgorithmStatisticsoperator= (const AlgorithmStatistics &)

Static Private Member Functions

static void * operator new (size_t size)
static void operator delete (void *ptr)

Detailed Description

The algorithm and the operation the algorithm belongs to are responsible to update the statistical information. Note, that a stemod::core::AlgorithmMeasurement object is used for the execution time measurement on the user side and automatically triggers the insertion of a new MeasurementPair as soon as the measurement is stopped.

Internally, stemod::core::AlgorithmMeasurement::afterAlgorithmExecution() stops the time and adds the received data to the algorithms statistics.

Sebastian BreƟ

Definition at line 44 of file algorithm_statistics.hpp.

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Member Function Documentation

static void hype::core::AlgorithmStatistics::operator delete ( void *  ptr) [static, private]
static void* hype::core::AlgorithmStatistics::operator new ( size_t  size) [static, private]
AlgorithmStatistics& hype::core::AlgorithmStatistics::operator= ( const AlgorithmStatistics ) [private]

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