Column-oriented GPU-accelerated Database Management System
  • What is CoGaDB?
    • CoGaDB is a Column-oriented GPU-accelerated DBMS. Its purpose is to be an evaluation platform for researchers who would like to test their own GPU co-processing techniques, query optimization strategies and GPU algorithms.
  • Under which License is CoGaDB distributed?
    • CoGaDB is released under the GPL v3 License. Therefore, you can download and extend it as you like as long as you obey the terms of the license.
  • Can I join the project?
    • Sure, we are always looking for new project members, which help us to extend and improve CoGaDB. You should have basic knowledge in C++ and database implementation techniques. If you are interested in joining the project, contact the development team via Sebastian Breß .
  • I have a technical problem, can I get support?
    • We offer non-commercial support for CoGaDB. In case of questions, suggestions or bug reports, feel free to contact the development team via Sebastian Breß .
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