Column-oriented GPU-accelerated Database Management System
CoGaDB::Predicate Class Reference

#include <selection_expression.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 Predicate (const std::string &column1_name, const std::string &column2_name, PredicateType pred_t, ValueComparator comp)
 Predicate (const std::string &column1_name, const boost::any &constant, PredicateType pred_t, ValueComparator comp)
PredicateType getPredicateType () const
const std::string & getColumn1Name () const
const std::string & getColumn2Name () const
const boost::any & getConstant () const
ValueComparator getValueComparator () const
void print () const
std::string toString () const

Private Attributes

PredicateType pred_t_
std::string column1_name_
std::string column2_name_
boost::any constant_
ValueComparator comp_

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CoGaDB::Predicate::Predicate ( const std::string &  column1_name,
const std::string &  column2_name,
PredicateType  pred_t,
ValueComparator  comp 
CoGaDB::Predicate::Predicate ( const std::string &  column1_name,
const boost::any &  constant,
PredicateType  pred_t,
ValueComparator  comp 

Member Function Documentation

const std::string & CoGaDB::Predicate::getColumn2Name ( ) const

References column2_name_.

void CoGaDB::Predicate::print ( ) const

References toString().

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Member Data Documentation

std::string CoGaDB::Predicate::column1_name_ [private]

Referenced by getColumn1Name(), and toString().

std::string CoGaDB::Predicate::column2_name_ [private]

Referenced by getColumn2Name(), and toString().

boost::any CoGaDB::Predicate::constant_ [private]

Referenced by getConstant(), and toString().

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