Hybrid Query Processing Engine for Coprocessing in Database Systems
  1. What is HyPE?
    HyPE is a Hybrid query Processing Engine build for automatic selection of processing units for co-processing in database systems. The long-term goal of the project is to implement a fully fledged query processing engine, which is able to automatically generate and optimize a hybrid CPU/GPU physical query plan from a logical query plan.
  2. When should I use HyPE?
    You can use HyPE whenever you want to decide on a CPU and a GPU implementation of an operation in your application at run-time. In other words, any GPU accelerated application can make use of hype to effectively utilize existing processing ressources.
  3. Under which license is HyPE distributed?
    HyPE is licenced under the GNU LESSER GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE - Version 3.
  4. Which platforms are currently supported?
    HyPE compiles and runs under Linux and Windows (Cygwin). Native Windows support is planned for future releases.
  5. I have a problem in using HyPE, how can I get help?
    For information about the project, technical questions and bug reports: please contact the development team via Sebastian Breß .
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