She seemed about 21
I tried to put her on
then she took me home
'cause her mom was gon
and wouldn' come home
'til friday
She watched me
while I was watching tv
she said get undressed baby
we're not here for talking

In the morning I was far 
away, drove my car
as fast as I could to Hamburg
and then to Sweden
as the summer was about to begin
I was in Finland
tried to wright her a letter
but by then I had forgotten her name

Tonight I saw her on a talk show
she was so pretty 
so unbelievable, now I know
she can go far
I'm still here in Norway
baby, there's no way
that we will meet again
after all pleased to meet you

Big LW

There's a big LW in aL(l)Ways
made of yellow bricks
Alice (Dorothy) has got her red shoes on
but she won't get her kicks

The green green grass of home
is drying in the sun
but this grey grey heart of mine
is never going to shine

 I want to die, she said
 I want to get high, she said
 tonight's the night, she said
 take me away

car crashes on designer drugs
sick of counting all the bucks
running through my head
out for destruction

love stories from hollywood
ours' not even half as good
count to 5 than go ahead
and fuck them

REF: ...

Loveletters From Charles Whitman

Looks like the future is not going to happen
at least not the one that I've been dreaming of
maybe that is what they think down there on the street
while they are looking to the sky up above

 If you can't give me something good
 better don't give me anything at all
 Yeah, if you can't give me something good
 better don't give me anything at all

 I say, ooh, baby, ooh, I've got something good for you
 and here it comes ...

When I was a kid I thought that everybody
gets some ice cream except for me
now that I'm 26 years old I found out
we're all longing for something that we don't need

REF: ...

Looks like the future is not going to happen
at least not the one that we've been dreaming of
somebody else is making all of our decisions
all those decisions, but enough is enough

Ghost Dance

You donīt listen 
and you donīt talk
nothing is ever going to move you 
and of course you wonīt walk

Youīre just sitting there
saying your prayer
while the rain
washes away your brain

and you ask yourself

 Did I dial the wrong number? 55 0 16?
 Did I leave my message on the wrong answering machine?
 Did I tell my story to the deaf men again?
 Is there anybody around here that hasnīt gone insane?

 Dance the ghost dance, dance the ghost dance with me
 Dance the ghost dance, dance the ghost dance with me
 Dance the ghost dance

One nation 
out of six
no jesus is coming to save you
donīt you count on any tricks

īcause if youīre trying to save a dime
youīre only wasting time
and in the end your blood
will be good enough
and you ask yourself

REF: ...

Now the morning has come
and nothing is the same
forget all the rules you once knew
this is a new game

And while the houses 
still burn
all the pages 
have turned

but you still ask yourself

REF: ...


There'll be no killing today, it's not Halloween
Michael Myers decided watching cartoons on tv
and Michael smiled the smile that his sister knew
thinking about the job he had to do

But it is Sunday and he'd rather go feed the birds in the park
maybe he'll put on his mask in the evening when it gets dark
just for fun no need to spill any blood
Michael just wants to feel a little bit like god

There are so many things that you can do with your life
but in your hands I can still see that knife
Michael, when you are out every night
Michael, you are doing allright


You found yourself laying on the bathroom floor
you knew you had enough but you know you had to have one more
then your friends they pulled you back up on your feed
and then they threw you threw you out on the street
and they said

Live your live like a king
if you can't do that you're not worth anything

I hope I can make it today
put my clothes on and pick up the phone
though there's nothing to say
except 'bout dead birds 
and some dirty shirts

On the floor

Stay pretty baby don't you leave so soon
and if you gotta go don't forget your fucking silver spoon
you don't have to tell me that this place is a mess
if you're looking for your crown it's best to look out on the floor, I guess

Let It Loose

I still want what I don't have
and that's good, she said
'cause how can it be that what you have
can possibly be enough

You know that and I know that
and don't forget
there are people ou there
who never ever give a damn

 I know it's wrong but I can't let go
 there's a few more things that I should know by now

 Don't hold tight now, let it loose
 let it loose
 'cause what you think is your richness
 just ties you down

You fell down on that same old road
a little tired and a little old
don't you know 
it'll happen again and again

REF: ...


What's your lie, what keeps you up on your toes
is it sex or violence, only god knows
or are you banging your head against every wall
and in the evening you don't know where to go at all

I've got a lie for you, somebody loves you

In the morning you feel sick it's the best not to be awake
'cause the truth is just the lie that is the hardest to take
If you're strong you can stand a little rain
if you're weak you need a shelter from the pain

Missing Piece

All day long I've been watching tv
turned it off and it started watching me
made me nervous, made me feel insecure

Ref: Had to come to you again

Puzzle of my memories but I still can see the floor
can't find the missing piece, I won't find it anymore

Sitting thinking drinking tea
then she comes and says 
'who cares about F.O.C.'
Well, I don't.

Night Like This

Once there was a time when you and me
could walk the streets of our town
without looking down to the ground

For whatever happened
to the people out on the street

Singing a song that you heard on the radio
no particular place to go
feeling the strength of your soul

Ref: 	And I know that it's hard to believe
	that the morning ever comes
	and I know that it's hard to believe
	that a life just can go on

Whatever you do
whatever you say
wherever you run
can't make the night go away

No I don't know you
and you don't know me
and I don't look into your eyes anymore

For whatever happened
to the persons we once were

Ref: ...

Postcards From Oblivion

Here in the interzone
where we're swimming in our coffee cups
I'm already kind of gone
so, would you please keep your big mouth shut

Sitting in the lobbyand we're ready to go
we missed the bus and we missed the show

we forgot the actors name

Watching the light crawl up a ladder
here comes the night, but what does it matter

postcards from oblivion

Say the few words you've learned
before the curtain is going down
fear is going to let you burn
while we're waiting for you to come around

Too dumb to add 2 and 2
clever enough to see this shit through

this machine is going to eat you

My mama said to get things done
you better don't leave the light on

'you probably don't want me to see that'

 Yes ... and who still remembers that we're waiting
 and who's going to call to let us know
 and who's going to come here for our saviour
 yes ... and who's going to come to take us home

Who's going to take us home
Who's going to take us home
Who's going to take us home
Who's going to take us home


Who's going to take us home

Sitting In A Park

Sitting in a park
waiting for the sun to go down
sitting in a park
waiting for you

Waiting for you to come around

Got my eyes wide open
looking to the sky
got my eyes wide open
looking to the sky (clear blue sky)

In the evening we'll be dancing
we'll be hanging around
we'll be howling like wolves
after the sun goes down
we'll be betting all our money 
on a horse that won't win
and if she opens the door
I'm ready to get in

So Cold

She has got you in her hand
she makes you want to do
the things she wants you to
she's so cold

She says things you want to hear
but when you look into her eyes
you see all of this are lies
she's so cold

She's the tender touch on your skin
but when she walks out the  door
she doesn't love you anymore
she's so cold