Tools for Feature-Oriented Software Development

The paradigm of feature-oriented software development is as an extension of existing programming paradigms and languages, such as object-oriented programming, to create variable and customizable software. However, with this additional variability, there also come additional problems that must be considered, such as feature interactions. Efficient software development is not possible without tool support; this especially holds for implementation of software product lines. For this reason many specialized tools that solve the problems with the implementation of feature-oriented software have been developed. We provide a categorization on tools for implementation in feature-oriented software development. Additionally, this work gives an overview on tools that support the implementation of feature-oriented software, such as tools for product generation, refactoring, and analysis. Finally, we identify tasks in feature-oriented software development that are underrepresented in current tool support. This work eases the reuse of existing tools for researchers and students, and simplifies research transfer to practice.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you think that a certain tool is classified incorrectly, or if you know further tool that should be listed.