Automotive - Virtual Engineering

Reference data models for mechatronic design, modeling, and simulation

The project is integrated into the Automotive research cluster at University of Magdeburg. In detail, the project is part of the project cluster Virtual Engineering (VE). The project cluster's targeted objective is the support of product design by holistic modeling and simulation based on automatic generation of problem aware models. The models can be controlled according their complexity and level of detail. In summary, todays heterogeneous methods and tools of Virtual Engineering are extended and integrated. Furthermore, results of design and simulations have to be presented in Virtual Reality environments.

The project Reference data models for mechatronic design, modeling, and simulation will provide the required model and data management of the project cluster that extends current PDM-, PLC-, and CAD-systems. During product design and development many teams have to together. The projects objective is the consistent management of form, behaviour, and function models, simulation results, and their dependencies as well as the management of meta data during the Virtual Engineering process.


Stephan Vornholt
Ingolf Geist
School of Computer Science
Department of Technical and Business Information Systems
P.O. Box 4120
39016 Magdeburg
Fax: +49 391 67 12020
E-Mail: {stephan.vornholt|ingolf.geist}(at)

General Information

Project supervisor: Prof. Dr. Gunter Saake
Project staff: Ingolf Geist, Stephan Vornholt

Project Status

Project started January 2007, ended August 2011

Project Description

Funded by EFRE