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A short description of the Institute of Technical and Business Information Systems

The Institute of Technical and Business Information Systems (ITI) deals with basics of information systems, for example, which are used in enterprises and public institutions. Special focuses will be defined with the fields of activity of the working groups. Here, the spectrum ranges from product and process modeling and the field of databases on economic computer science to different fields of applied computer science, such as bioinformatics and computer systems in engineering. In addition to the development of methods and concepts for the development and implementation of complex information systems, practical implementations are realized in the mentioned application areas. The overall objective is an integrated information processing in shared applications.

The Institute is involved in the education of all the study courses of the Faculty of computer science at the bachelor and master degree. Furthermore, involvement in the training of other profile courses is given. The study course Business Informatics is supported mainly responsible in the main study. In the research both contributions to fundamental research and applied research are provided, in which projects from third-party funds constitute a significant percentage. Beyond this teaching and research, the ITI collaborates with a number of institutions and companies by jointly edited projects and topics.

The origins of the Institute dates back to a research department \"Information processing in the technical production engineering\" founded by Prof. Werler in 1979. As part of the restructuring of section \"Computing and data processing\" and renaming in \"Computer science\" in 1987, the science field \"Computer science in technics\" was established. In 1990 resulted from this field, the Institute of Technical Information Systems, when the Department of computer science was established. From the base of this institute in 1997 the establishment of the Institute of Technical and Business Information systems resulted.

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