Faculty of Computer Science Workgroup Databases & Software Engineering

M.Sc. Stefan Barthel

Stefan Barthel UBA
Umweltbundesamt - Federal Environment Agency

Unit IV 2.1: Information Systems on Chemical Safety
P.B. 1406, D-06813 Dessau - Roßlau

Office: Dessau I, Room 3215

Phone: +49-340-2103-3218
Fax: +49-340-2104-3218
E-mail: Name


Research Interests

  • MVAL: A Data Leakage Prevention Approach
  • Protection, Detection, Preserving and Healing Mechanisms of DBMS
  • Self-Protection and Self-Healing in DBMS
  • Chemical substance databases
  • Environmental information systems
  • GSBL

Topics for Theses