Fakultät für Informatik Arbeitsgruppe Datenbanken & Software Engineering


Advanced Database Models

Lecture:Eike Schallehn
SWS: 2 V, 2 Ü
Organization: see in LSF




The main topic of the lecture are developments in database management systems beyond the currently state of the art relational database systems. This includes among others

  • historic roots such as the NF2 model,
  • object-oriented models (ODMG, ODBMS),
  • object-relational models (SQL99, SQL2003, ORDBMS), and
  • semi-structured models (XML).
For these models data modelling, operations, query languages etc. are discussed.

The full set of lecture slides [PDF] is here.

Exercises and Practicals

Exercises start on April 21st.

  1. Basic Terms and Concepts (PDF)
  2. Principles of DBMS and Relational Algebra (PDF, PDF)
  3. Conceptual Design and NF2 (PDF)
  4. NF2, eNF2, Type Constructors (PDF)
  5. Practical exercises will start on June ddd nd 4th room 29/144
  6. Practical Exercise on NF2/Type Constructors (PDF, Hints for working with Oracle in 29/144 (this years sid=tox and server=oban.cs.uni-magdeburg.de, Oracle Documentation)
  7. Practical Exercise: Object Types (PDF)
  8. Practical Exercise: References + Recursive Queris (PDF)
  9. XML, DTDs, XPath, and XQuery (PDF, XML Playground)


A lecture comparable to the Database I or Data Management lecture held in Magdeburg is a necessary prerequisite to successfully take part in this lecture.