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The registration for the bachelor-studies takes place at Faculty of computer science. Registration modalities: Diploma from or equivalent to German secondary school qualifying for university admission or matriculation.
Admission restriction: Without restricted admission, Application at the University-of-Magdeburg (winter semester)
Standard period of study: 7 Semester


The course of studies is application-oriented based on solid fundamental knowledge. It contains basics of mathematics and computer science as well as futher knowledge about spezial computer science methods and an arbitrary application aria in engineering. The studies ends in general with an project (18 Credits), during this time the bachelor report (12 Credits) has to be made. The basics are cluster of mathematics and logic (26 Credits), obligational parts of computer science (38 Credits), technical and practical lectures in computer science (30 Credits) as well as key- and method-competencies (26 Credits). In the further computer science courses (30 Credits) the students will have the possibility to specialize on 3 fields (techniques of computer science, systems of computer science, application systems).By the selection of an enineering field (mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, process engineering) the students will have a deepens view at a specialized appplication area. The studies depends as far as possible on the recommendations of the association for computer science and the faculty-day of computer science for computer science studies with an spezialiced application area.


Deep in computer science (30 Credits):

Engineering (30 Credits):


What should I bring along at knowledge/experiences/interests?

Good knowledge in mathematics and interest in mathematical sciences, as well as interest in interdisciplinary engineer-scientifically oriented tasks are very helpful.

What is the intention? (short description)

The course of studies "Computer Systems in Engineering (CSE)" is the successor of the "Ingenieurinformatik" course of studies. After a successful cooperation of several years between the faculty of computer sciences and the faculty of engineering sciences new insights and collected experiences are incorporated into the consecutive course of bachelor and master studies of computer systems in engineering, where the main focus lays on concepts, methods, and tools of computer sciences. Thus, the students acquire skills, which put them into the position to use the learned abilities and dexterities for the development and use of complex computer systems. The main application fields are industry and economy. The students are prepared for these tasks by visiting selected lectures of engineering sciences getting a view on the urgent questions regarding the employment of modern technologies in practice. The bachelor course of studies is composed of the following: main components: basics of computer sciences, advanced computer sciences, and engineering sciences. The course of studies contains instructional contents and numerous components in which the students can train their practical talents.


Expertises: The graduates are qualified to seize the occupation of a computer scientist in the full width. In additional they kept a deepened view on an engineer discipline. .

This means in detail:

Key competencies:

To the key competencies belong method and social and self -competencies.

The graduates...

Application Fields

The graduates are qualified to seize the occupation of a computer scientist in the full width. In additional they gain a deepened view on an engineer discipline. An employment is naturally pre-defined in the producing industry due to the education spectrum. This means the occupation in software-companies, which develop support tools for the industry, or the implementation, maintenance and use of these tools in economic companies. Beyond that the graduates can also work in classical fields of computer scientists e.g. service sector or public administration.