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Feature Integration in Requirements Engineering

ESPRIT Working Group 23531

FIREworks '98 - 1st FIREworks Workshop

Magdeburg, Germany, May 15-16, 1998


An increasingly common way of creating new products is by adding features to old ones, rather than designing them from scratch. A `feature' is a small modification or extension of a system, which usually the user perceives as having a self-contained functional role. For example, the following could be features of a printer: has serial interface; understands PostScript; can print double-sided; can print colour. Until recently the importance of this incremental approach to software development has been underestimated. In the last few years, however, the `feature interaction problem' is identified as an important issue. Careful specification methodologies are required to ensure that features to not interact in unpredictable and unintuitive ways. The feature interaction problem means that naive specification of these features will lead to unwanted interactions between them when they are introduced together.

The FIREworks project addresses the problem of adding features to specifications of complex software products, in particular software for telecommunication services and banking. It will provide a feature-oriented approach to software design including requirements specification languages and verification logics, as well as a method for their usage. The aim is to provide a method with which companies can build products by taking an existing product and adding, removing, or respecifying some features.

In this first FIREworks workshop panel sessions will be organized around the use of specification languages and verification tools to represent aspects of features and feature integration modeling. There are priority case-studies (the lift and the tape deck, see for details) but any work on other ones is also welcome.

We plan to provide an informal workshop proceedings as a technical report. All speakers are invited to submit a paper before March 15th, 1998.


Early registration 20th January 1998
Camera ready papers due 15th March 1998
Workshop 15th-16th May 1998


The workshop will be held at the Parkhotel Herrenkrug in Magdeburg (for further information about the hotel click here). Magdeburg lies nearly 150 km in the west of Berlin. Unfortunately, Magdeburg has no own airport. However, Magdeburg can easily be reached by a direct train:
  • from Berlin in 70-90 minutes
  • from Hannover in 90 minutes
  • from Halle (Airport Halle/Leipzig) in 50-70 minutes
  • from Frankfurt in 3 hours 30 minutes


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For further information contact:

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